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Join us for a season of fresh, locally grown, natural produce; Shain & Tara Saberon, P. O. Box 153, Smoot, WY 83126 (307) 884-6423



EverGreen Farm is owned and operated by the Shain & Tara Saberon family. We have been growing produce on our 7-acre farm in Smoot, Wyoming, since 2001. Building community through a local food network is our passion.


EverGreen Farm operates under the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model. In its simplest form, this is an arrangement between a farmer and a consumer seeking fresh produce. Members receive weekly shares of fresh natural produce at a reasonable cost, and we receive an income to cover farm expenses and labor.


With the use of greenhouses and other means, we can offer fresh, seasonal produce from about May through the end of October.


Locally grown food tastes better. It is also healthier for you, better for the planet, and better for our communities. Community Supported Agriculture connects the family to the farm where their food is grown. For many families, it is more satisfying to join a CSA rather than purchase food from a supermarket that is weeks old and has been transported hundreds if not thousands of miles to the store from where it is to be purchased.


As an alternative to USDA Organic Certification, EverGreen Farm participates in The NOFA (North East Organic Farmers Association) Farmers Pledge. You have our personal commitment to provide you with a season’s worth of chemical free, naturally grown, nutritious produce that is beyond organic.

What are others saying?

• “Thank you for all your hard work. The veggies were so clean, fresh and beautiful.”
• “Thank you, thank you, we eat so well when we have your produce and I love it.”
• “Overall I really think you are doing a wonderful service and I was glad I had an opportunity to share in the benefits. I ate most of the full share by myself (and) I only gave away and froze a little.”
• “I see as the greatest benefit of belonging to your organization… We get the freshest, tastiest, most nutritious veggies available.”
• “Your packaging is terrific, by the way. It’s amazing to get the food already cleaned! Wow.”
• “The variety you are able to provide boggles my mind. I love it…”